Why does dry-aged steak taste better?

There are several reasons why dry-aged steak tastes better. For starters, it’s much more tender than a fresh cut. There’s also an important reason for the process: the aging process adds more flavor. It gives the meat a beefy minerality and flavor. Besides that, dry-aged steak is a little bit cheaper than fresh cuts. If you’re on a budget, try buying dry-aged steak.

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How To Make A Jewelry Box

This is a fairly simple jewelry box, it is a dresser style type of jewelry box with pull out drawers that are lined in felt and have felt covered bottoms. This is an easy to build jewelry box and it uses standard board sizes that you may already have.

  • Commont material used:
  • 1 1/4 inch finish nails
  • Wood Glue
  • Wood Filler
  • 120 grit sandpaper
  • Primer
  • Wood conditioner
  • Paint
  • Paint brush

1 pc 1x8x6

1 pc ¼” x 2’x 2’ plywood (this piece is enough for 3 boxes)

 (recommend hardwood plywood here - it sands and finishes best)

2 mini drawer knobs

4 pieces of felt (2 drawer liners on 1 sheet, and 1 sheet each for box and drawer bottoms)

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Tips For Wedding Photography

If you are starting your photography business, you may want to look at wedding photography. Wedding photography can be a lucrative niche, but you need to offer the best service because it is also very competitive. Fortunately, there are some tips that can help you offer the best wedding photography service and make the process much smoother.

Create A Photo Short List

Once you have landed a client, the first thing you should do is talk to them about what they want. Creating a short list of shots that they would like you to capture on the day will be helpful for you and show that you care what your clients want. When you have the short list, you should write them down so you can mark them off as you take them on the day.

Having this short list is particularly helpful when it comes to family photos. You should ask the couple which family members they want to have pictures with. There is nothing worse than going through your pictures only to find that you didn’t get the picture of the happy couple with one of their grandmothers. Continue reading “Tips For Wedding Photography”

Wedding Photography – How To Find The Right Professional

Are you excited about your big day just waiting around the corner? Yes, you are, and it’s with good reason. Getting married is not a regular event, so you want to make every moment as special and memorable as it can be. In other words, the wedding photography has to be perfect.

Unfortunately, different photographers have different styles, approaches, rates, and experience. This means you can’t just choose the first one that you come across. Given the importance of getting the wedding photos right the first time around, you want to make sure you speak to the right photographer. Continue reading “Wedding Photography – How To Find The Right Professional”

Beyond Billboards: Examining Ways To Market Your Photography Business

Making responsible decisions and anticipating an unstable economy is something every smart portrait photography business owner is capable of. The most successful businesses are driven by the owner’s passion and need to be the very best. Keep reading if you want to understand how to develop a comprehensive business model.

You won’t have a growing portrait photography business without having a lot of committed customers. Older companies also depend on existing workers who feel personally invested in the business. A must for businesses is to take their online reputation very seriously, and protect it whenever they can. A negative review may seem like the end of the world, but a reputation manager will help fix the cause and prevent additional issues in the future. Continue reading “Beyond Billboards: Examining Ways To Market Your Photography Business”

How plan a Los Angeles Wedding

Los Angeles is a great place to have a wedding, but the experience can seem overwhelming. The good news is that following a few simple planning tips will help you wherever you are in your plans. Knowing what you need to do to make sure everything goes smoothly will ensure that everything is perfect for your needs.

Pick Your Date Wisely

Although June is a favorite month for weddings in most of the rest of the country, couples planning outdoor weddings during June and early July are likely to deal with the cloudy weather. If you’re doing an outdoor wedding, you’ll be coping with a less-than-ideal atmosphere, especially for your photos. September and October, by contrast, have a lot of sunshine and January also usually has good weather. January also boasts non-peak rates great for anyone who is traveling for the wedding. Continue reading “How plan a Los Angeles Wedding”

Los Angeles Independent Film Festival

Los Angeles Independent Film Festival

The main focus of the Los Angeles Independent Film Festival is to promote independent films that made in the United State alone. The Los Angeles Independent Film Festival is produced by the Film Independent. Film Independent is a non profit organization that is committed to independent films, film makers and professionals increase the diversity in the independent film making industry by helping out film makers that are from underrepresented societies show their films.
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