Tips For Wedding Photography

If you are starting your photography business, you may want to look at wedding photography. Wedding photography can be a lucrative niche, but you need to offer the best service because it is also very competitive. Fortunately, there are some tips that can help you offer the best wedding photography service and make the process much smoother.

Create A Photo Short List

Once you have landed a client, the first thing you should do is talk to them about what they want. Creating a short list of shots that they would like you to capture on the day will be helpful for you and show that you care what your clients want. When you have the short list, you should write them down so you can mark them off as you take them on the day.

Having this short list is particularly helpful when it comes to family photos. You should ask the couple which family members they want to have pictures with. There is nothing worse than going through your pictures only to find that you didn’t get the picture of the happy couple with one of their grandmothers.

Scout The Location

You need to visit the location of the wedding and the reception before the big day. This will ensure that you know where you can stand for the best shots. Of course, there are many wedding photographers who do not do this and are able to produce great images, but it can be very helpful on the day.

When you scout the location, you will also be able to determine if there are any areas where you cannot go. This is important if you want to take certain pictures at angles which can only be achieved with elevation. Of course, it is important to note that some locations will not allow you to scout them ahead of time and you need to be flexible with this.

Be Prepared

There is a lot that can go wrong on the day of the wedding and you need to be prepared. You should always have a backup plan for bad weather and other potential issues. You need to have backup batteries, additional memory cards and think about the route you have to take to get to the locations.

If possible, you should try and attend the wedding rehearsal and the rehearsal dinner. This will give you an idea of the wedding party and will provide you with further information. The more information you have about the wedding, the better your plans can be.

Set Expectations With The Couple

When you initially talk with the couple, you need to set clear expectations. To do this, you should show them your portfolio so they can see your photography style and work. You should also find out more about what they want to achieve and determine if you can actually offer this. While you may not want to turn down any work, it is better to do so than offer something that the couple does not like.

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